Discover Me French Overseas Territories

France’s exotic destinations

A little preview of paradise!

The advantage of choosing France’s overseas destinations

• The most exotic side of France.
• 12 destinations spread across 3 oceans, each boasting a unique and well-preserved environment.
• A wonderful and pleasant tropical climate all year round.
• Remarkable biodiversity with, among others, four sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO : the Fakarava atoll, 15,000km² of coral reef in New Caledonia, the Marae Taputapuatea and the pitons, cirques and ramparts of Reunion Island.
• A wide range of accommodation.
• Connections by air that are ideal for international tourists.
• All the comforts and the level of service you would expect in France.

These destinations are ideal for:
• Relaxing on deserted beaches.
• Sailing across sublime lagoons of turquoise waters and over well-protected coral reefs.
• Marvelling at some awe inspiring dives.
• Walking through the heart of breathtaking natural habitats.
• Experiencing the hospitality and encountering the local people to learn about their rich blend of cultures and unique history.
• Sampling cuisine that explodes with a thousand flavors.
• Enjoying an idyllic honeymoon.
• Dancing to rhythms that are bursting with local color.


The French destinations by ocean


PacificNew Caledonia, Tahiti and its islands: France at the other end of the world, in the heart of the Pacific.
Whether you are in search of a deserted beach or a romantic getaway, a playground where you can practice water sports or a location that astounds and surprises you, these magnificent archipelagos will seduce you. This really is a world away. With Air Tahiti Nui and AirCalin, you can even explore both of these wonders in one combined break.

Click on the map for practical information and ideas for breaks by destination:

New Caledonia: Pacific Heart
The Islands of Tahiti: Embraced by Mana




Ambiance famille cascadeIslands rich with the scent of vanilla.
Vanilla, a sweet aroma that transports the senses, invites you to journey to the faraway islands of the Indian Ocean. It was on Reunion Island that the very first vanilla plants were introduced at the start of the XIX Century.
9,345 km from Paris, this overseas département combines the exoticism of a faraway destination and the safety of a region of France. For holidaymakers in search of the unexpected, of encounters, emotions and sensations, Reunion Island is an intensely engaging island!
Thanks to the Îles Vanille Pass from Air Austral, passengers who have a long haul ticket from Paris to La Réunion can benefit from special rates on board Air Austral flights that connect the islands.

Click on the map for practical information and ideas for breaks on Reunion Island:

Reunion Island: The Ultimate experience





St.Martin, the Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, three luxurious gems waiting to be discovered in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.  

7,000 km west of continental Europe lie the French Antilles: St.Martin, the Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. So far away and exotic, and yet so familiar, these islands form a privileged destination for those wishing to get away from it all in perfect tranquility. In Martinique or on the Islands of Guadeloupe, the richness of the national marine parks and tropical forests make the Antilles a leading destination for diving and walking holidays. St.Martin, an island that is shared with the Netherlands, provides magnificent and immaculate beaches that are perfect for those seeking an idyllic break. Shopping enthusiasts will not be disappointed either.

Creole culture reigns across these islands and, bursting with emotion, festivals abound!

With Air France and Air Caraïbes, it is possible to explore all three paradise islands in one combined break.

Click on the map for practical information and ideas for breaks by destination:

St.Martin: Friendly Island
The Islands of Guadeloupe: So many flavors to discover
Martinique: Joie de Vivre



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