FAQs for Tourism Professionals Summer 2017


These FAQs aim to help tourism professionals answer questions from their customers about the current state of French tourism.

France was still the world’s number-one tourist destination in 2016 (EVE foreign visitor survey estimates[1]) with nearly 83 million visitors last year. French authorities are going to pursue their efforts to facilitate and ensure the accommodation, travels, visits and safety of tourists. All the measures have been designed to improve visitors’ tourism experience and ensure their safety. The year 2017 has had a positive start and a visitor peak of + 10% was recorded in Paris in the first two months, mainly due to sharp increases in the number of Japanese, Indian, Chinese and US visitors. Sporting and cultural events such as the Handball Championship in January have attracted and should continue to attract international tourists.

[1] EVE foreign visitor survey, conducted jointly by the Directorate-General for Business (Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector) and the Banque de France; consolidated data published in July 2016.

To download the full document, click here

Photo (C) Atout France/Nathalie Baetens

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