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Usually, high-end hotels have shown imagination in offering their guests exceptional moments that they will remember for a long time. Now, more than ever, visitors need to relax and put aside their daily hassles for a moment or two. Therefore, we have selected a few activities proposed by some of these hosts, which have a strong capacity to bring magic to a visitor’s stay.

With the K2 Collections Hot-air Balloon, guests are invited to take a little height and embark on a dreamlike journey above the tops of the larches and enjoy the snowy view on the peaks in the 3 Valleys. This activity proposes a soothing revisiting of the book “Five Weeks in a Balloon” by Jules Vernes. This time, a rendez-vous at Courchevel Altiport instead of Zanzibar, for a much less perilous adventure. A poetic getaway available to the guests of the K2 establishments and non-guests alike.
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Simone Zanoni – Four Seasons Hotel George V – Paris

Back on land, in the French capital, the Four Seasons Hotel George V – Paris invites its guests to enjoy a fully immersive gastronomic experience. This multi-stage experience starts at the entrance of the hotel, from where Chef Simone Zanoni will personally drive guests in an electric vehicle to the Domaine de Madame Elisabeth in Versailles, home to the Kitchen Garden of Le George restaurant. Together, the chef and the guests will choose seasonal fruit and vegetables for their cooking lesson in the restaurant. The chef will teach the participants how to bring out the true flavours of the ingredients, creating simple and elegant dishes, while sharing his favourite cooking tips and techniques. At the end of the session, the guests will leave with a copy of the book “My Italy”, where they will find the chef’s best Mediterranean recipes, perfect to impress family and friends at home.
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Cheval Blanc, Saint-Barth

With the festive season fast approaching, Cheval Blanc has created a range of activities for its guests to enjoy, so that they can celebrate properly with their family and friends, ending this hectic year on a positive note. To go further in this desire to please its guests, Cheval Blanc is creating a digital platform called “Wish Maker”, aiming to make the holiday dreams of its guests come true at each resort. Therefore, the guests of Cheval Blanc St.-Barthelemy will be able to spend a moment with the astronomer Jordan Blanchard, who will bring the constellations and planets into perspective through his Celestron C8 telescope, for an evening suspended in time. At the end of the experience, the guests will each have the opportunity to make a wish on their own star, so that their dreams may come true. 
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