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Travel differently with TGV INOUI

Step aboard for a new journey !

Let your high-speed journey be a reminder you that you’re free to live life as you want.
Our agents are here to help, whether you feel like chilling out, working comfortably, or hanging out at the bar.


This new travel experience is already available in France on the lines between Paris and Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz, Lyon, Lille and Toulouse. In Europe, you can now travel to Luxembourg and Germany with TGV INOUI.

Paris <> Bordeaux in 2h04

Paris <> Lille in 1h01

Paris <> Strasbourg in 1h46

Paris <> Lyon in 1h57

Paris <> Toulouse in 4h17

Charles de Gaulle Airport <> Lille in 48 minutes


Travel in a world of comfort

Travel more comfortably with TGV INOUI. The trains, the public areas, the bar cars: we’ve redesigned and revamped the lot to offer you greater well-being on-board and a smooth travel experience.

With TGV INOUI, benefit from:

  • a power socket for every passenger
  • friendlier bars with an improved menu (chef’s specials, vegetarian or organic choices, etc.)
  • Grand Voyageur lounges at stations reserved for our most loyal customers so you can await your train’s departure in peace

We take care of you

With TGV INOUI, we are there for you every step of the way: from the moment you make your reservation through to your final destination.

Enjoy special added benefits: exclusive services for when you arrive at the station or for you to continue your journey (rental car, driver, your bags delivered to your door, etc.), a complimentary newspaper and drink at the platform for Business Première customers, a barista service and cleaning staff to take care of you throughout your journey.


Take a high-speed dash to Europe

Fancy travelling in Europe? Take a high-speed trip with SNCF or one of its many partners to France, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany or Luxembourg.



London is calling! Shopping, museums, fine dining… London is the perfect cultural destination to be discovered with friends or family. From Tower Bridge to Camden, explore London’s unmissable sights.

Eurostar takes you to the centre of London in 2h15 from Paris.


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