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Maison Astor Paris – From New York to Paris with Love

A Parisian interlude where the pleasure of welcoming our guests depicts friendliness and discretion.

Heritage : Located in the heart of the 8th district, Maison Astor Paris was founded in 1907 by John Jacob Astor IV.
The Astor family was one of the powerful family in the begin of 20th century, known as well by his cousin William Waldorf Astor who owned the famous Cliveden House where Meghan Markle and her mum  stayed on Royal Wedding eve.
JJ was an avant-garde businessman, born and raised in the opulence of the New-Yorker’s Aristocracy : A circle he would never fit in. After divorcing his first wife, he fell in love with Madeleine, 18 years younger than him. The scandal started, they needed to disappear and chose to leave NY to Paris.
Attracted by the City of Light, they established their home at “Royal Astor Hotel” in Rue d’Astorg street, where the hotel is now located.
When Madeleine got pregnant, she wished to give birth on the American soil.
The couple boarded on the transatlantic ship RMS Titanic to New York City. Unfortunately, we all know the sad ending of this journey.
The legend of Maison Astor Paris was born.

Highlights: Entirely renovated, each of the 131 apartments, with luxurious spaces, plunges the Guests into the art of living in the French way.

But the surprise is on the 7th and last floor : the Rooftop Suite which will offer an extraordinary view of the city of light, from the Sacré Coeur to the Eiffel Tower.
The Dining Room of Maison Astor Paris is a perfect place where you embark on a culinary journey between the cities of Paris and New-York.
Comfortably sitting under the bright glass roof, you will enjoy eating quality food prepared with local organic ingredients.

Salle à MangerEnews.jpg
Maison Astor Paris gives you the opportunity to organize events and workshops in a unique place located in the district of fashion with two intimate meeting spaces equipped with TV screens and LCD projectors: Perfect for private dining experiences.

Curio : The Parisian House is joining the exclusive Curio Collection by Hilton, a collection of more than 50 hotels upper upscale, appealing to travelers seeking local discovery. Curio ? – Only for the Curious

Mégane Chêne
Sales Executive

Maison Astor Paris
11 rue d’Astong
75008 Paris
+33 (0)6 43 83 64 48

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