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A Corsican Feast: Food, Culture, Landscape

As the greenest island in the Mediterranean, visually, Corsica looks sumptuous and rich.  It is, exactly that, a land of riches:   The food has intense flavour; the culture stands strong and proud and the landscape is unforgiving in its wild beauty.

It doesn’t really matter whether you dine in luxury restaurants, or mountain gites, the experience will be one of intense pleasure, so very specific to the island and its history.  With invasion constantly a threat, Corsicans learnt to live deep in the forested and mountainous interior.  This has influenced their food production more than any other factor, and pretty much all the food, whether it be the meats, vegetables, or beverages, are all infused with the fresh herbs of the “Maquis” or Corsican scrub.  Think wild mint, thyme and rosemary: all flavors that bring mountains, forests and Mediterranean sunshine to your plate.


With one of the largest Chestnut forests in Europe, Corsica is, truly, the home of chestnuts.  The pigs eat the chestnuts, which flavours the meat.  Chestnut polenta is often served with a wild boar stew.  Warm chestnut cake is served with a dollop of local ice-cream.

A visit to Corsica is not complete without experiencing the local cheeses. There are many varieties, but perhaps the most famous is the Brocciu.  Made from sheep’s milk, its fresh flavour can be combined with so many tastes, whether sweet or savoury.  The Beignets de fromage are to die for, but so are the Migliaciolli, a Corsican pancake made with Brocciu and mint.  Try these fresh from the Sunday market in Bastia.

I could easily carry on about the wonderful Corsican food (not to mention the excellent wines and the new organic artisan beers). However, I’ve yet to touch on the culture and the landscape, which round off the Corsican feast.

Corsican culture is unique.  The island, a part of France, stands proud of it’s traditions and cultures.  We gather chestnuts, we have festivals for cheese and the humble hazelnut, we listen to Polyphonic singing that pulls at your heart strings and leaves traces of harsh mountain life.

The landscape is reason enough to come to Corsica.  Many of our seasoned travelers tell us that this is one of their favorite destinations in the world.  The views couldn’t be any more stunning, the mountain roads, the coastal routes, the forests, the wild pigs and goats that cross your path.  It all makes for an unforgettable experience.  Corsica can be recommended as a destination for car tours, motorbikers, cyclists, walkers, nature lovers, history buffs, gourmands, individuals and families.


There is something for everyone and for all means of travel.  Whether you want to soak up the sun on a white-sand beach, dive into the crystal cool mountain-river rock pools, walk through ancient hill-top villages, explore the beauty of these sun-baked Mediterranean towns or simply sample the delights of the Corsican cuisine.  Come and feast your senses.

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