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The new museum of the Pinault Collection in 2019

François Pinault has been entrusted with the Bourse de Commerce, which he will convert into a museum for the presentation of his collection. The Bourse de Commerce, this perfect circle topped by its famous dome, is an important architectural and historic landmark dating back to the sixteenth century, located at the very heart of Paris. Tadao Ando is the architect in charge of transforming this building into a museum.

For François Pinault, “Ando is one the few architects working today who is able to create a dialogue between architecture and its context, its past and present, masterfully combining originality and discretion.”

The history of Pinault Collection began in Venice over ten years ago, when he opened Palazzo Grassi, then the Punta della Dogana. With the creation of this new museum, he is writing the next chapter of his cultural project, whose goal is to share his passion for contemporary art with as broad and audience as possible.

So, the aim of the conversation of The Bourse de Commerce into a museum is to create the ideal conditions for the visitor to experience art.


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