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Parc Astérix: new hotel opening & show

Parc Astérix : challenges for young and old alike, a host of adventures, attractions for all, wonderful shows, a fantasy in Gaul… These are the ingredients of a magic potion that has been tested and approved by millions of visitors! An astonishing mix of 40 attractions and 5 major shows all set in backdrops that are brimming with Gaulois humour; Parc Astérix combines laughs, conviviality, shared experiences and authenticity to create fun for the whole family!

A Ruckus in the Farmyard: new family show 

The animal-themed « A Ruckus in the Farmyard » show introduces us to a Roman soldier who has « accidentally » stumbled into the Gaul village by the foot of Assurancetourix the Bard’s tree. Around ten farm animals (chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigeons…) decide to get rid of him in a thousand and one different ways!

Extend your gaulois adventure

A park & hotel package for an authentic experience



The Cité Suspendue Hotel 

Walkers lost in an ancient forest have discovered the entrance to a forgotten city, the remains of an ancient civilisation known as the Cité Suspendue (Hanging City)!

The Celts who lived there worshipped trees and nature, and existed in perfect harmony with the spirits of the forest.

All the hamlets in the suspended city are built on stilts to protect the flora and fauna.

In summer 2018 Parc Astérix opens a brand new hotel with 150 rooms just a few minutes’ walk from the park itself: La Cité Suspendue.

Respectful of the local environment and wildlife, this establishment is made up of three Villages that represent the founding groups of the town: the Potters’ Village, the Artists’ Village and the Druids’ Village.

  • The Potters’ Village is where thousands of immense jars and amphorae, in a dreamlike style, illustrate the activities of the artisans.
  • The Druids’ Village, kingdom of sorcerers, is the most mysterious of the three, where great runic symbols decorate every object.
  • The Artists’ Village, exuberant and flamboyant, boasts reddish hues and stylised animals adorning the walls.

The 150 rooms are comfortable and immersive, and can sleep up to 5 people. From the bedrooms to the restaurant, the entire decor has been designed to take guests on a journey into a world that is welcoming and authentic.

A unique break in the heart of the park! 

The Hotel Les Trois Hiboux

In the heart of La Forêt des Carnutes lived 3 owls that passed messages to the Druids. Each owl listened to the stories that the wind and the animals told them before gathering at night in a majestic tree in the heart of the forest. This was where they told the Elder Druid the stories that they had heard. And that is how the Hôtel Les Trois Hiboux came into being. During building work, a gigantic hundred-year-old tree root was discovered…

The 150 rooms are comfortable and immersive, and can sleep up to 5 people. The Hotel Les Trois Hiboux is just a few minutes’ walk from the park itself.

An unforgettable break!

Eugenio Raez / UK representative


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