An authentic stay on the Guadeloupe Islands in the heart of the French Caribbean

The warmth and hospitality of its local people, its colorful streets, exotic Creole food, iconic sites with diverse fauna and flora, heavenly beaches and tropical forests make the archipelago of Guadeloupe a must-see destination where you can truly get away from it all.

Combine two hotels and experiment different hospitality atmospheres on two islands to discover all the wealth of Guadeloupe and make your journey even more special and magical!


Blue waters and white sandy beach:

Drop your anchor at La Toubana Hôtel & Spa, located at the entrance of Saint-Anne, a typical fishing village. Combining modernity, comfort and elegance, La Toubana Hôtel & Spa welcomes you into a unique luxury environment and will seduce you with its breathtaking sea view of Marie Galante and the archipelago of Les Saintes.

Discover the Pearl of the French Caribbean:

Discover the secrets of Grande-Terre, steeped in history, and go with the Caribbean flow across idyllic and wonderful landscapes. Sport, culture or seaside idleness, there are activities to suit everyone.
Then immerse yourself in the heart of the rainforest and stay a few nights at Le Jardin Malanga, which welcomes you on the south of Basse-Terre in a colonial house. A real haven of peace, Le Jardin Malanga will surprise you with its authentic atmosphere, where comfort and serenity reigh supreme. Enjoy the 6 hectares of tropical greenery around the hotel and experience the peace and tranquillity.
a timeless moment. Explore Basse-Terre and head off to adventure hiking through wonderful waterfalls into the National Parc. The Carbet falls, “Roches gravées” or the huge and famous “Souffrière” show the incredible natural heritage that the Guadeloupe Islands have to offer to their visitors.


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