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2-nights Beauvais and impressionist gardens tour

Day 1 – Departure

Day 2 – Morning in Gerberoy


Fall in love with Gerberoy. Perched atop a hillock, this small village of the Pays-de-Bray is listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France. It also stands out as one of the smallest listed villages, with less than 100 inhabitants! Guided tours available


The painter Henri Le Sidaner’s gardens.

Open to the public for the past decade, the gardens are today taken care of by Dominique Le Sidaner, the painter’s granddaughter by marriage. Listed as a ‘Remarkable Garden’, the site has been awarded a star by the Michelin Green Guide. During your visit, you can also discover the painter’s house and studios. Open from June to October.

The Garden of Yews

The one-of-a-kind Jardin des Ifs (‘Garden of Yews’) has been awarded several quality labels, nota-bly the ‘Remarkable Tree’, the ‘Remarkable Garden’, the ‘Topiary Art’ and the ‘Prix du Public – Most Beautiful Tree’ for its igloo-yew in 2018. Four excellent reasons to visit this garden! Open from June to the end of September

Lunch in Gerberoy

Day 2 – Afternoon in the Jardin André Van Beek

Set out to meet the painter André Van Beek. The artist will guide you about his magnificent garden, so highly praised by all the specialized magazines.

Open from 1 May to 31 October

Overnight and dinner in Beauvais

DAY 3 – Beauvais

Take full advantage of your second day to discover Beauvais’ rich cultural heritage.

The town is notably renowned for its Saint Pierre Cathedral. Built during the 11th century, the cathedral boasts the world’s highest Gothic chancel, with its vaulted ceiling culminating at 48 meters. Never fully completed, the cathedral stands out for having neither a nave, nor a steeple.

Its imposing astronomical clock, designed by Auguste-Lucien Vérité, rises 12 meters and presents an impressive wealth of information on the seasons, tides, eclipses, etc. Recently restored, this 19th-century masterpiece comes to life several times daily, with its 68 automatons performing a perfectly

synchronized dance.

Situated next to the cathedral, the Oise Departmental Museum is well worth the visit. Occupying the 16thcentury bishop’s palace, it houses varied collections of paintings and sculptures dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Free admission.

Finally, stroll about the historic quarter, to admire its typically medieval, half-timbered houses punctuating its cobblestoned streets. Beauvais Cathedral, stroll about the historic quarter – self-guided tour Astronomical clock (several daily animations). Audio guide available.

Lunch in Beauvais

Day 3 – Afternoon return home

Download full programme with practical information here

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