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COVID-19 : the situation in France

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In view of the positive evolution of the health situation in France and in Europe, and according to the European Commission’s recommendations, France has lifted all movement restrictions at its internal European borders (land, air and sea) from June 15th (June 22nd for people coming from Spain).

People coming from the European area can therefore enter the French territory without any restriction related to the Covid-19 pandemic. By way of reciprocity, only visitors from the United Kingdom remain subject to quarantine restrictions upon arrival.

From July 1st, France will also gradually and differentially re-open the Schengen area external borders, depending on the outside country’s  health situation.

Since June 22nd:

On June 22nd, the French Government announced new reopening measures for the summer to be applied all over the country, except for Mayotte and French Guiana, where the virus is still active:

  • Cinemas, casinos and gaming halls are opened again and summer camps can welcome young people all over the country, in strict compliance with sanitary protocols. 

From July 11th (end of the health state of emergency on mainland France):

  • River cruises will again be authorized; in coordination with European partner countries, it may be decided to resume sea cruises between European ports for ships whose capacity does not exceed a limit set by ministerial decree;
  • Stadiums and racetracks will be opened to the public, with a maximum capacity of 5,000 people. As for performance halls, activities involving more than 1,500 people will have to be declared, so that the respect of sanitary protocols can be guaranteed.
  • The maximum capacity of 5,000 people for major events, stadiums and performance halls is in theory in force until September 1st. A further review of the national epidemiological situation will be carried out mid-July to decide whether rules can be relaxed for the second half of August.

From September 1st:

Subject to a new assessment of the epidemiological situation, the return from the summer holidays may be marked by further relaxation:

  • Opening of establishments hosting fairs, exhibitions and shows;
    • Authorization of events gathering more than 5,000 people;
    • Potentially, opening of nightclubs and international maritime cruises.

Please find here the Government’s recommendations updated in real time.

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