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Aerial view, House A Liccia

Located in the extreme south of Corsica, between the old towns of Sartene and Bonifacio, nestled between sea and mountains, the very discreet Domaine de Murtoli presents an original vision of how a high standard hotel can operate tastefully and harmoniously amidst a reserve of natural wild beauty.

Set back from general view, Murtoli is accessed through an inconspicuous wrought iron gate. Once passed the portico, Murtoli gradually – modestly – reveals itself along the curves of its 50 kilometres of track. You then appreciate the magnificent views in joyful silence, relish the sheer pleasure of being part of this peaceful landscape .

Authenticity, simplicity, rustic charm… These are the values of Domaine de Murtoli, a wild and preserved property owned by a Corsican family, where the old shepherd’s huts and landlord cottage have been restored since 1993, transforming the site into a unique “kind of” resort.

Not long ago they were ruins, old piles of stone from the 17th century dotting this 2,500-hectare (6,200-acre) estate on Corsica’s southern coast. Today they are dream houses, with Corsican names inspired by the nature, the location or the maquis. Some face the sea, with direct access to a private cove, while others face the valley, sweeping views of the pastures and the Mediterranean. And some are ensconced in the maquisthe Corsican scrubland, secluded getaways in an untamed landscape fragrant with wild herbs. Almost all boast private swimming pools, the larger ones come with a hammam too, but all 20 dwellings offer modern comfort still, with well-equipped indoor and outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces for extra warmth when the weather turns chilly, which can be replaced by air conditioning in summer.

Murtoli welcomes guests who come for the peace and quiet, the privacy and the intimacy, the beaches and the warm, convivial atmosphere, as well as the cuisine featuring terroir delicacies like charcuterie, wine and olive oil. 

Murtoli is not just a hotel business. It is first and foremost a farm that has been continuously developed over the years. There has always been the desire to get the best out of the soils in the most natural way, to encourage local producers and bring the produce of the farm fresh and direct to the guests’ plates. 100 veals are raised for a tender and savory meat, 400 ewes whose milk is made into delicious cheeses, hens to supply fresh eggs, olive groves and citrus trees, beehives for honey and a two-hectare (4.5-acre) organic garden for aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables. All of these products can be savored in the three restaurants supervised by chef Laurent Renard: La Table de la Plage serving light dishes based on vegetables, seafood and grilled meats, La Table de la Ferme for gastronomic fare and La Table de la Grotte for traditional Corsican home cooking. Guests can even harvest themselves at the garden.

Murtoli offers experiences in all seasons. From April to the end of the year celebrations, whether you are staying with family, friends or as a couple, the estate offers a range of activities for young and old. An atypical 12-hole golf course on site, discovery of the local flora or megalithic sites, wine tasting and wineries visit, Corsican cuisine courses, sea fishing, horseback riding on the beach or in the maquis side, boat excursions are some examples. Of course the large serviced beach dedicated to the guests will probably be the most popular during the summer and even until the end of October!

Update 2020 : regarding health and safety related to the covid situation, all necessary actions have been implemented to protect the staff as well as the guests : masks, hydroalcoolic gel and deeper cleaning of the villas. But again, space has never been an issue at Murtoli. Privacy and intimacy is guaranteed. Murtoli is a quite ideal “cocoon” for couples and families.

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