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Proudly facing the Opéra Garnier, a few steps from the Louvre and the Comédie Française, and surrounded by the Palais Royal gardens, as well as the Tuileries gardens, the Hôtel du Louvre is reopening after two years of renovations.

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While its Second French Empire style is more present than ever, new modern touches provide a bold and thoughtful contrast to this hotel, which received and inspired the greatest artists of the 19th Century. While fully experiencing the excitement of Paris, the Hôtel du Louvre invites you to discover the art of a particular type of travel: rambling and daydreaming.

By taking part in one of the activities provided by the hotel, by peeking through one of its windows, by letting yourself be guided, the guest’s curiosity will be aroused as they stroll through a Paris whose secrets only the Hôtel du Louvre can unlock; one of dolce vita and emotion. Take your time to feel and experience new things while wandering through this inspired neighbourhood, something that attracts people and keeps them coming back to the Hôtel du Louvre.

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It all started in 1855…

“London has had its World Fair, Paris will have one, too!” proclaimed Napoleon III.  It had to be the high point, the climax of the Second French Empire. The Emperor commissioned Prefect Haussmann to carry out a massive renewal of the capital city, which hadn’t changed since the Revolution. It was almost impossible to get around in the narrow and winding streets. If you read Balzac’s work, you’ll notice that his characters, like all Parisians, never left their neighbourhood, never visited each other’s homes, and didn’t go out walking in Paris. Thanks to Haussmann’s breakthrough, Paris could breathe, Paris could bustle, Paris could move.

To welcome the visitors who flocked to Paris from around the globe, Napoleon III ordered the construction of the first grand hotel in the capital; the Hôtel du Louvre. It was at the cutting edge of comfort and modernity, offering guides, interpreters, a bureau de change, an omnibus to the various Parisian train stations… services which were unprecedented and totally innovative at the time. To this right bank, with its artists and intellectuals, anybody who was anybody in Paris would flock. In 1875, Auguste Bartholdi organised a charity banquet in its reception halls, enabling him to fund the creation of the Statue of Liberty. As soon as it was created, the reception halls of the Hôtel du Louvre hummed with the sound of elegant women’s’ silk crinoline, the air was filled with the smell of dandies’ cigars, and echoed with the sound of chatter from Jules Verne, Emile Zola and Victor Hugo…

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