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Musée Mer Marine Bordeaux – A museum beyond horizons

The « Musée Mer Marine », France’s largest private museum dedicated to the sea and to seafaring was created by Norbert Fradin.

In the part dedicated to seafaring, the museum exhibits its collections, from the history of navigation during the Prehistoric era to today, striving to describe each step of this history along with the genius of Mankind, its technical, scientific and artistic evolutions.
In the portion dedicated to the sea, the museum evokes the infinite ocean world, an object of endless Human conquests; by adventurers, warriors, fishermen, sportspeople, and scientists searching for our origins, or seeking a future for our planet.

Lastly, the sea has always been an infinite source of inspiration for artists, which explains why the museum adorns a vast exhibition venue, dedicated to art.

Before opening completely in early 2019, from 15 June to 26 August 2018 the Musée Mer Marine will be hosting an outstanding exhibition, on display for the very first time in France : « Monet. Masterpieces from the Marmottan Monet Museum».
The exhibition dates are not simply a coincidence : the Tall Ships Regatta sailing race will be arriving in Bordeaux for the 20th anniversary of “Bordeaux fête le vin” the city’s great wine celebration .

This event shows how ambitious the museum project truly is :

  • An unprecented enterprise with a double theme – the sea and seafaring :

The museum concerns both the universe of the sea as a natural element and aquatic milieu which covers 70% of our planet’s surface, and the world of seafaring with the history of Mankind and the sea, and the evolution of navigation.

  • A unique architectural and scenographic achievement :

A 13.000 square metre building, 45 metres high, including a 6.500 square metre exhibition venue, all surrounded by 3.000 metres of suspended gardens.
It is an expression of the founder’s will to create a place which is a crossroads, open to all artistic fields, not only because the Musée Mer Marine’s vocation is to host great contemporary exhibitions, but also because art is an integral part of the upcoming permanent exhibition.

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