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Five-Star Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France Palace Hotel


At the northern tip of the Antilles arc sits Saint-Barthélemy, an elegant island where taste combines with characteristically French savoir-faire. Located in Flamands Bay and home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, this sumptuous property is nestled in a tropical garden paradise.

Rooms & Suites

Privacy is a guarantee in the property’s forty rooms, suites, and villas, each offering a spectacular view of the ocean or the surrounding tropical gardens.


In terms of cuisine, La Case de l’Isle is a must on St. Barts. If you want to enjoy lunch with your toes in the sand, try the Cabane de l’Isle or the White Bar. Each offers a diverse and relaxing menu that pays homage to a French cuisine inspired by local flavors.


The Cheval Blanc Spa offers exclusive Guerlain treatments. The interior design embodies all the charm of the Caribbean and is a subtle refelction of the island’s glamorous side. Inspired by the art of hosting, the houses of Cheval Blanc offer highly personalized services in order to give each guest a unique experience punctuated with surprises.

Sports and fitness

Take advantage of the fitness classes, yoga-on-the-beach sessions, or dive into the sea with a mask and snorkel to discover local marine life.

Around the Hotel

With an average of 80°F, the temperature can reach 95°F and rarely dips below 68°F, making Saint-Barthélemy a paradise for outdoor activities. While the magnificent beaches call you to sit back and relax, more adventurous visitors will take advantages of the island’s various marine sports, including diving, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, surfing, jetskiing, kite surfing, and many more. Lovers of shopping will find luxury products in the island’s many boutiques and large international brands.


The closest international airport to Saint-Barth Airport (SBH) is Juliana (SXM) on the island of Saint Martin. It’s also possible to connect through San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) or Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe (PTP).


Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France
Baie des Flamands
97098 Saint-Barthélemy
Website : Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France
Phone : 590 590 27 61 81
Fax : 590 590 27 86 83

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