LA LISTE 2017: Best Restaurants in the World

LA LISTE, “the ranking of rankings” of world gastronomy, is now available for 2017.
In this second edition of La Liste, France certainly played its cards right – the top prize of “Best Restaurant in the World” has been awarded to Guy Savoy, chef of the triple-Michelin-starred Monnaie de Paris.

Guy Savoy owes this reward to his succulent cuisine, especially demonstrated by his “black truffle artichoke soup,” accompanied by marvelous brioche rolls glazed with truffles, or his “le bar de la tête au pied” with Basmati rice cooked in sea bass stock.


A special jury prize was also awarded to the Alain Ducasse Entreprise for its environmental activism. Japan and France are at the top of LA LISTE 2017.

More generally, the 2017 list of the best 1,000 restaurants in the world puts Japanese gastronomy back in the spotlight. Like last year, Japan is at the top of the 61 countries represented in La Liste with 116 establishments out of the best 1,000. France arrives in second place with 113 restaurants.

La Liste calculates its rankings as a function of the grades given by hundreds of restaurant guides and online review sites. As a result, a reliable list of the best restaurants in the world is created and regularly updated.

10,000 “Best Value” Restaurants

New for 2017, La Liste has also released its selection of the 10,000 “Best Value” restaurants across more than 130 different countries. These critically acclaimed restaurants offer a high quality cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Another development for this year: La Liste has created a multilingual mobile app, available in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. The application delivers a digital overview of over 400 food guides across the world right to your smartphone.

Click here to view the full version of La Liste 2017!

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