Wine cab, the incredible wine tasting tour!


It is first of all a car with a strong character: an English cab converted into a wine-tasting chamber.
Then a friendly driver selected for its passion for the wine and our region,
Finally, a unique experience to live « So chic and without any fuss » !


Discover the Wine Cab spirit!
A British cab with a great personality and a tasting room in the back, which will take you for a tour in the Bordeaux’s castles and vineyards in order to understand in a fun way what wine and vine are about.

Try a unique experience!
Each detail has been designed in a friendlier and more authentic way, whilst keeping a top range service.

With Wine Cab, forget the never-ending classes on wine-making processes, the scientific explanations on how to taste a wine, the time-consuming visits in fermenting rooms and wine warehouses.

Conviviality comes first!
So, you will start by a wine tasting session in the cabmini-bar, then… you will make a new one, this time in a Château.
In fact, our mains tours offer the discovery of great appellations like Pessac Leognan, Saint Emilion, Medoc and so on.

What’s more, with us you will discover more about wine and vine trades through initiatory activities, which lead to the sommelier experience, the winemaker one, the cooper or even the grape picker during the harvest period.

Your drivers are also a real part of your tour. Let’s explain why!
They do not necessarily know everything about wine nor have they driven limousines for hundreds of hours. However, they have been chosen for their personality, their entertainment skills and their love for good wines.
They may even take the initiative to make an unscheduled stop in an unusual place for a new tasting.

Their goal: to surprise you!

And last but not least, a personalized booklet will be handed to you as a souvenir of your Wine Cab tour, filled wit Polaroid pictures of your visit.

So, now there is no reason not to grab your phone, make a quick booking and come with the wine cab team for living an unforgettable experience!

For more information: http://www.wine-cab.com

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