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Widetrip: Innovative walking tours with Parisians

Widetrip is a website that offers walking tours with residents for any curious traveler who want to discover an open-minded and committed side of Paris. Let’s discover the new faces of the Parisians, structures and associations committed to their city and willing to share their passions, their know-how and their hobbies.

The start-up belongs to the participative tourism sector and has been created in order to make the traveler an actor of its trip, and not only a passive observer. The aim is to gather travelers and Parisians for common passions, values and causes to encourage intercultural exchange and so broad these fellow travelers horizons.

Everyone has a role to play! Residents and travelers are walking side by side and make the promenade better thanks to their city, passion and traveling vision. With Widetrip, residents talk about their personal vision of their hometown and then offer travelers the opportunity to plunge into an authentic way of life.

Every tours are checked by the Widetrip team to ensure to provide high quality experiences to travelers.

New Partnerships:

To expand its activity, Widetrip has already achieved several partnerships with travel agents to enable them to include those innovative tours in their packages.

Check on us on

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Nicolas Tranchant

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