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A fairy-tale night in Le Château de Mercuès

chateau mercues cuisine

A Relais & Châteaux hotel, excellence for credo

Whoever is the owner, the Château has always had a soul of its past. The past that the master of the house, Georges Vigouroux, took care to protect until 2010, and that his son, Bertrand-Gabriel, now combines with comfort and elegance, for the sake of timeless quality and unqualified style.

Residence of the Comtes Évêques since the Thirteenth Century, the Château de Mercuès has been through the various artistic influences during the history of France. In this spirit, the Vigouroux family worked with the architect Axel Letellier, specialized in culture and heritage conservation, to restore the original style of each room: Renaissance, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Art Deco etc. Over seven floors, the Château contains a maze of corridors, stairways, terraces and recesses allowing access to 24 rooms and 6 suites with different names and styles, as luxurious as they are atypical. With attention to detail, the Vigouroux family changes its guest’s slumber into a dream come true.

Thus the Châteaux’s entire bedding and linen has been carefully chosen to include hand-sewn Trec mattress, full padding, suspension Pullman, framed sprung pocket mattress in addition to fine assorted duvet covers and pillowcases made by a bed linen specialist. The rooms are adorned with high technology such as «mirror televisions» that fit the decor and are forgotten at will.

A Gourmet Restaurant and Winery

A lord’s home… a king’s feast!

The à la Carte menus are elaborated by Julien Poisot, a young Head Chef at Mercuè. This cuisine connoisseur takes regional products to the highest levels of gastronomy. His philosophy is based on the authenticity of the products and simple aesthetic dishes. His specialties include a pot roast saddle of pikeperch with herbs on a Malbec wine glaze, an assortment of beetroots and young root vegetables, or a braised young pigeon with foie gras. In addition to this incomparable cuisine, le Château de Mercuès is doing its own wine. With a plantation density reaching 6 666 vines per hectare, Château de Mercuès is the only vineyard within Cahors Appellation to rival the greatest Bordeaux wines.

Le Bistro du Château

An elegant open-air restaurant that combines arousing of the senses with food via a lunch menu. The Chef proposes a menu with a chic bistro atmosphere, light and original inspired by daily market produce, and changing according to the terroir: tomato tartare and smoked salmon accompanied by his olive oil and basil sorbet, Bigorre ham in Totti salad, or chocolate tart with mint sorbet.

Malbec Week-end, truffles and various delicacies.

A stay where one can enjoy the charm of eight centuries of history punctuated by truffles, saffron and Malbec. Vineyards and Castles excursion An excursion into the vineyards of Cahors, discovering the Great Malbecs. Villages and vineyards excursion An excursion to discover the architectural heritage and the cuisine from the Lot.

Information & Bookings

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