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10 major Music Festivals in Outre Mer

ilojazz petite

If your knowledge of world music includes Zouk, Biguine or Kanak music, it’s time to broaden your horizons still further… Set aside the exotic clichés and experience music with new and mixed influences!

Accents of Afro-American Jazz

  • Total Jazz / La Réunion, April (12 to 24)
    Michel Portal and Manu Katché will be there, with open-air concerts and a mix of free and paid soirees. It’s so jazzy!

Electro produces some catchy sounds

  • Martizik / Martinique, May
    This famous Electropical festival takes place at Club Med in Sainte-Anne. Ms Dynamite and Toddla T are there to make thousands of joyful festival goers dance.

Pop, rock and funk with intense vibrations

  • Sakifo / La Réunion, April (5, 6, 7)
    An unmissable event on the eclectic music scene, with everything from Folk to Reggae, and touching on Rap and Pop. Stromae and M featured on the bill in 2014.

Traditional and inspirational instrumentals

  • Gwo-ka / Guadeloupe, July (8 to 14)
    Tom-toms in the streets and on the beaches create an extremely popular festival that takes place in Sainte-Anne.
  • Les Nuits Caraïbes / Martinique and Guadeloupe, February (19 to 28)
    Piano, clarinet, flute… These exceptional and intimate concerts harmoniously combine local artists with players from the international classical scene.
  • Festival de Guitare / Tahiti, February
    The ultimate guitar festival, where young Polynesians play alongside world famous names.

Café concerts, urban style.

  • Femmes Funk / New Caledonia, October

A programme that combines heritage acts with modern turns, somewhere between R’n’B and percussion, welcoming everyone from 7 to 77.

  • Cultures Urbaines / Guyana, April
    A dose of hip-hop culture, with rap workshops and musical improvisation sessions.

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