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Vignobles & Découvertes : Marne Valley West

Vincent Brassinne (small)Destination  « Porte de la Champagne »

From Saâcy-sur-Marne, Nanteuil-sur-Marne, Citry to Trélou-sur-Marne or Drachy: the tourist road of champagne in Marne Valley West extends from either side of the Marne river within one hour’s drive from Paris and 45 min. from Reims.

Key figures

The plantings on the Route of the Marne Valley West are made of  :

  • 15.5 %, Chardonnay,
  • 13.1 % of Pinot Noir,
  • 70% of Meunier,
  • 2,414 hectares (5965 acres),
  • 53 certified “Vignobles et Découvertes”.

A Unique experience to share

In the framework of the new concept “Wine Tourism” developed in all french vineyards, the Marne Valley West region gives you the unique opportunity to discover and make this territory yours, full of treasures, stories, wines and champagnes.

You are alsovisitng the Land of the Fables of La Fontaine located only sixty-two miles from Paris in the A.O.C. (Protected Designation of Origin) vineyards!

Good choice! You will discover an authentic countryside with gentle hills and changing skies. Vineyards, pasturelands and forests, charming rural villages, Norman church towers, castles of princes…this region of France will enthrall you.

You are pioneers … So, experience the visit of cellars, taste some champagnes and make a stop in memorable places like gourmet restaurants, holiday cottages and guest houses.

Have anice trip on the Champagne Tourist Route!

As to get around the region effortlessly, we have written a lively and amazing guidebook. Throughout the pages, you will find all that you need to taste, visit, learn, play, walk, see, discover, delight in and especially to enjoy the region.

This travel diary is here to escort you! So don’t leave it behind you, this travel diary will follow you everywhere throughout your trip until you have completely tamed it. You will become almost addicted to it! Informations tourism office at +33(0)3 23 83 51 14.


La Maison Pannier

In 1899, Louis-Eugène Pannier began the story of Champagne Pannier at Dizy, located just outside Epernay. Overtime, the brand earned its reputation and also began a new chapter of its history as it moved to Château-Thierry in the Marne Valley vineyards.

On these lands, which have inspired many painters, writers and poets, remarkable and ancient stone quarries dating from the 12th century serve as the cellars of Champagne Pannier. A skylful stonecutter carved an archer into the wall of one of these deep galeries.

The House chose this symbol of balance, mastery and dexterity as the emblem of its know-how and adopted the archer’s motto: “Aim for Perfection”. Pannier, First medieval Cellar of the West Marne Valley.

Charming accommodation

  • Le Château de Fère ***** welcomes you in Fere en Tardenois (Aisne region) also known as the doors of Champagne. This Prestigious hotel is the only 5* Hotel de Picardie with its 29 rooms and suites. It features a spa, a gourmet restaurant, a bar, two meeting rooms and a 70-hectare park.
  • 5 restaurants such as Le Relais de Reuilly-Sauvigny with chef Berthuit.
  • 5 heritage sites including the Museum of the Hôtel Dieu.
  • 3 leisure activities including the Golf du Val Secret.
  • 3 events, including the “Champagne and You.
  • 1 Tourist Office.

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