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Paris from a different angle with Paris-Toujours

Moyan BrennIt is time to discover Paris in a more authentic way: Paris-Toujours creates tailor-made and authentic itineraries in Paris based on a personalized selection of high-end services.

Because Paris is not only an open air museum, Paris-Toujours offers to French and foreign visitors a discovery of the capital city outside the traditional way with made to measure and authentic stays following the wishes and interests of everyone. Thanks to a strong expertise of the city, Paris-Toujours take the visitors away from the crowds in order to discover hidden treasures and unusual places.

The agency provides private & local experiences based on a personalized selection of high-end services related to gastronomy, fashion and arts, as well as charming accommodations in small hotels & apartments. Various and exclusive activities are offered such as for example: private walking tours of secret Paris districts with expert guides, visit to a feather creation workshop, St Ouen flea market, a ride in a 2CV, visit to the Rungis market, behind the scene visits to the opera houses or the Eiffel tower, a baker or perfume creation workshops, teatime in a Parisian mansion, a true Parisian cooking experience, prestigious shopping in a private show-room, visit to a Parisian jewel designer…

Travel extensions to other French regions are also available.

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