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New health measures

Paris, 27 July 2020

Since 20 July, wearing masks has been made compulsory in enclosed public spaces for anyone over 11 years old, in addition to the application of barrier gestures.

This new measure is part of the prevention and vigilance measures adopted by the French government to avoid a second wave of the pandemic.

Enclosed public spaces concern in particular: train stations and airports, public transport, restaurants, cafés and bars, hotels and other collective accommodation, museums, shops, administrative offices and banks, covered markets, libraries, religious establishments and covered sports facilities.

An exhaustive list of the spaces can be accessed via the following link:,theapplication%20of%20gestes%20barri%C3%A8res.

To fight against the virus, France implemented a reinforced control of movement at its borders on 25 July. France has drawn up a list of 16 countries with a heavy circulation of the virus, from which  it is only possible to enter with a negative PCR test from before travel or on arrival.

  • The 16 countries are as follows: Algeria, Bahrain, Brazil, India, Israel, Kuwait, Madagascar, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States.
  • For the United Arab Emirates, United States, Panama and Bahrain, a PCR test is mandatory 72 hours before departure. Travellers are required to present a negative test result before boarding a France-boundplane, otherwise they will be denied boarding.
  • For the rest of the countries on the list, a PCR test is mandatory upon arrival in France.
  • Entry into French territory from countries with high viral circulation is only possible in specific situations, in particular for French nationals and residents of France.

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